Sometimes I Feel Lonely
by Miiko Gibson

Sometimes I Feel Lonely was written at the author's daughter's request. She shared her not being understood by a particular friend - which made her feel lonely - and not having as many opportunities to play with a few special friends - which also made her feel lonely when she missed them. Since then, both author and daughter have had many talks about friends and loneliness. This book was borne out of several of those conversations.

The author, Miiko Gibson, is herself no stranger to loneliness having left more than 3 decades of familiarity when she moved to the States soon after her marriage. She believes that the best way to overcome loneliness is to apply biblical principles in one's relationship with God and others. The heart of this engagingly-written book is hence about that, and also about loving oneself by applying the biblical principles of individuality and stewardship.

It has been said that 70-75% of American adults are lonely. Loneliness is not a prerogative of the youth or the aged. It afflicts everyone at some point. The sooner a young person learns how to handle such situations, the better equipped will be the person for the adult years ahead.

While this book is written with a younger audience (9-13) in mind, it is helpful even for the older reader as the "message" is applicable to everyone.

A mix of black-and-white and colorful illustrations lend some old-fashioned charm to the book. A study guide and attractive notebook pages are also included with the purchase.

Number of pages: 64
Price: $7.95

Note: This is a downloadable e-book. You will not receieve a physical package shipped to you.

Quotes about the book:

Mandi Prince
I absolutely love this book and study guide that Miiko has put together! As with her other writings it is beautifully and gently written to children. Miiko is hitting on a topic that is often overlooked but very important and relevant as loneliness affects every child at one time or another. She gently leads the reader to God's Word for the Biblical solutions to loneliness and, in my opinion, is spot-on with her insights.

Jim Erskine
This is a lovely, gentle book with a sweet spirit that should really minister to some hurting kids (and some adults, too). Really like the study guide that goes along with it - this should help the students apply the brief chapters to their own situation. Great job.

Erica Jones
I thought your book was very sweet, gentle, and wise, as all of your books are!  I am sure that families will appreciate it very much.

Price: $7.95

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