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It's my "Keep It Simple, Sisters! " page.

Here, I'll share steps I've taken to simplify different aspects of my life. Whether it is cooking, shopping, dressing, organizing, or decorating, I love to keep things SIMPLE! When you KISS, you are left with more time and energy to do things you really enjoy. What do YOU enjoy doing? Really, really enjoy doing? Do you have the time and energy to do any of them? Well, KISS!

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We all want more energy.
Here are two fast and simple ways of raising your energy TODAY!  Try them and see. :)

Read how Three Simple Words can change your attitude from a negative one to a pleasant one. Teach them to your older children and see what happens!

Whether it is just to organize your pens or you are stumped for a simple gift idea (birthday, housewarming, Mother's Day, etc), this simple craft will do the trick!

A Simple Way to De-stress. This technique is so simple and so good for you. Try it and see.

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