Help Your Daughter Lay a Good Foundation
for Making Friends the Godly Way

Dear Friends,

Does your young daughter have some “friendship” issues?
Does she realize the importance of chosing godly friends?
Is she struggling to get along with a friend or two?
Does she insist on her own way when she should be more gracious?
Do her friends think she is difficult to get along with?
Does she have difficulty accepting some of her friends?
Does she have difficulty accepting your choice of friends for her?

These questions and many, many more
are addressed in “Being a Good Friend”.

A gently written book with lovely illustrations, it will introduce to your daughter important and godly principles of friendship. Relevant Scripture references are interwoven throughout the book to support these principles. Discussion questions are provided for each chapter at the end of the book.

This book will lay a good foundation for making and keeping friends for life!
Your daughter will enjoy reading this book alone.
Better still, read it with her and discuss the questions together!
Pray over the principles and help your
daughter be the friend God wants her to be!
Read what others have to say!

“I loved the ebook! Oh, it's WONDERFUL. The illustrations are also gorgeous. I think the content is perfect and is just what my girls would need too.“
Kimberly Eddy

“The book is great!!! Very good at pointing hearts towards God and parents!!!! Beautiful!!!”
Lori Southern

“The book is sweet and helpful. I enjoyed it a lot. It's like a conversation with you : peaceful and gentle.”
Anna-Marie Hawthorne

"I like the way it was written. It made sense. It was simple to read and I liked the illustrations. I learned things I didn't know, like the fact that it's okay when friends don't always agree with me. We are different and that's good."
Gabrielle Hawthorne, age 8

“I like it because it's gentle, yet truthful. Scripture is always a big plus in my eyes. It's so important that everything we do is related back to Scripture. I think this is a much needed resource in today's world of friendship.”

Sharon Crooks

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