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Here are 20 ways you can have a joyful heart during the holiday season.

Mother's Day
Template for a Mother's Day Booklet
My daughter and I had fun creating this together.

Bible Study
4R Chart
This is one of the charts I use to help my daughter reason out when we study the Bible using the Principle Approach.

Luke 2:52 chart. This chart goes with this lesson.

10 Commandments Poster

10 Commandments Memory Pegs
These memory pegs are not original but I have not been able to trace their creator. If you know who came up with them, please let me know so I can give the person proper credit. What I had done was to put the pegs in one page so you can print them out as posters. When my dauaghter studied Moses, the posters I made came in very useful. I had them in different rooms and they really jogged her memory as to which commandment came first.

Check out my BPA blog for free lesson plans and reviews! These lesson plans are basically my own expansion of the weekly themes found in the Judah Bible Curriculum. This wonderful Bible curriculum, using The Principle Approach, was written by Bill Burtness. I have Mr. Burtness' blessing and encouragement to expand on his outlines and to share my lesson plans with other moms. So don't worry, no copyright infringement here! Do check out the Judah Bible Curriculum though.

Christ - My Help and Teacher
I wrote this song for my daughter to help her understand how in Christ we can live in liberty.

On Learning How to Do a Word Study and Teaching It

Developing Good Habits Chart
Print out this chart to help your children add or drop habits.

"Algebra" for Younger Students Worksheet #1
"Algebra" for Younger Students Worksheet #2
"Algebra" for Younger Students Worksheet #3
These are simple addition and subtraction exercises that use "letters" instead of blanks. My daughter enjoys doing these. I use "letters" to prepare her for the time when she does simple algebra.

Bones Poem
I wrote this poem on "Bones" for my daughter in October 2005. We were doing a little unit on "Bones" for Science and I wanted her to appreciate the care God took in creating her.

Weekly Practice Sheet

The Honeycomb
My daughter - with help from her mama- has been publishing this newsletter since August 2005. Many of the articles are either written or narrated by her. There were months when I pitched in more, but this is basically her newsletter. Most of the readers are boys and girls between 8 and 12. It is usually nature-oriented as she is a nature lover..

You can download the latest issue here.


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