Easter Devotionals

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(Easter) Holy Week Devotions for the Family
by Miiko Gibson

Easter is perhaps more significant than Christmas yet for most families, not much preparation of the heart is done towards its celebration. Let this year be different. Do a family devotions based on the last week of Jesus' life on earth with your children. The Holy Week Devotions, by homeschool mom Miiko Gibson, highlights a major event each day of the Holy Week. Each reading starts with relevant scripture, a suggested hymn and a key verse. This is followed by the devotional and thoughts for personal application. A fun and interesting activity is also included after each reading. For older children extra insights are given for reflection and discussion.

This book is great for the whole family.

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Holy Week for the Family Game
by Miiko Gibson

Play this attractive board game during your family devotions or any time, especially during Lent. There are 100 questions cards. Seventy of them pertain to the last week of Jesus' life on earth and thirty are just for fun, learning and perhaps laughter.

This fun and educational game will not only help your children appreciate Easter better, it will also promote family togetherness.

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Lenten Tree and Activities Book
by Miiko Gibson

Lent, which begins on Ash Wednesday (February 25 th 2009) is the 40 days (excluding Sundays) before Easter (April 12 th 2009). For many families, Easter just happens. Don't let that occur this year. Have a meaningful Lent by doing a special activity each day of Lent. Then fill in the fruit on the Lenten Tree Chart and countdown to Easter.

To bless you, I'm making The Lenten Tree and Activities Book FREE.


The Gibson Family Lenten Calendar 2009
February, 2009
March, 2009
April, 2009

Lenten Calendar 2009
(Use the blank months to create your own Lenten Calendar)
February, 2009
March, 2009
April, 2009


Jesus the Life-Giver
by Katherine Loop

Jesus--The Life-Giver is a family devotional for Easter week (Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday). Katherine Loop, a homeschool graduate, and her mom Cris designed the devotional specifically to meet the needs of homeschool families who were looking for something meaningful they could do with their children to prepare them for Easter.The devotional also comes with instructions on how to let children make their own paper flower gardens as they listen to the devotional readings. The flower craft is coordinated with the devotional to help reinforce the devotional's message. For example, on the first day the devotional discusses our need for Jesus to bring us life. The paper flower the children decorate that day (the paper flowers are all included on one page of the devotional--you just have to print them out) has a small snowflake on it to remind the children of God's promise to bring us life. Children glue the snowflake flower to a black backing to remind them of how hopeless our hearts are without Jesus.

The readings themselves are written simply enough for children to grasp, yet contain plenty of application and thought-provoking questions for parents too ;). The entire family will be challenged to let the truths of Easter change the way they live every day of their lives.

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