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Thank you for stopping by. I'm Miiko, a mature (ha!) mom of two young ones (10 and 5). Before I was married, I was a school teacher for 6 years and then a school administrator for another 6 years. I was also doing my graduate degree part-time and was very active in my church. You can imagine how busy I was then. Many of my contemporaries were already married; and many were already blessed with children. Well, there I was, still single. So single I thought perhaps singlehood was to be my lot in life. I thought my days would be spent creating programs and reaching out to my students, both in school and in church. Of course I had desires to be married and to be a mother (my first ambition since I was a little girl was to be a “housewife”) but what was a gal to do if there was no one to get married to? (Apparently I had “missed the boat”.) Fret? Mope? Marry the first or second guy who proposed? Well, not! I wasn't going to marry any man just because he was a Christian and I was single! I was beginning to think that as my biological clock was ticking away that God wanted singlehood for me. Afterall, it wasn't like I was an unhappy single! Anyway, little did I know that many miles away, God was already working out something for me. And to cut the long story short, I met Phill, and after a year and a half of long-distance courtship, we were married in March 1996. To me, that was a miracle, to have met such a sweet and Christ-like man when thoughts of being married grew dimmer as each birthday arrived.

If you are reading this, and happen to be still single and unmarried, my encouragement to you is not to fret, but to just grow in the Lord and serve wherever you are planted. As you seek Him, He WILL grant you the desires of your heart. It could be marriage. It could be something else, but our God never makes any mistakes if you wait on Him. He is a loving and faithful God, full of mercy and grace. Don't settle for what seems good when He has the best for you.

After what seemed like a long wait, the Lord blessed us with a lovely girl who slipped out into the world in December 1997. Then after grieving over our second baby (who is in Heaven waiting for us – that is another story), He blessed us with a beautiful boy in April 2003. From resigning to being unmarried some 15 years ago, to being married to the sweetest and kindest man in the world and to having two living children now, oh, how blessed can a woman get? Each day, I thank God for giving me a family, and for giving my husband and me two children to raise for His kingdom. What grace He has bestowed upon us!

Besides being a wife and mother, I have always wanted to write. I love writing. I also love creating lesson plans. I love to study the Bible and share what I've learned. My husband knows these desires of my heart and he is as supportive as any husband could be. He encourages me to pursue my dreams of writing and of sharing with other home school moms whatever is in my heart. And whenever I need any techie things done, he is there to do everything for me. Isn't he cool? I always tell my friends this. During those heart-to-heart talks I had with the Lord about the possibility of me getting married, I always asked God to please also give me someone who was a scientist, someone who had a good sense of direction, and someone who knew his computer. And you know what? My husband is all three. And much, much more.

Yes, I'm glad I waited.

Meanwhile, we hope you will be blessed by this ever-developing website. I will be adding more articles and goodies regularly so come back and check us out!

Thank you again for dropping by.

Many blessings,

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